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No rules for u to be mine……..

U mean the world to me.

I cannot breathe without you.

I cannot bear a second without you.

Just want you by my side.

There is no me without you.

This world with you near me is all I want.

Promises …….


Why are them all meaningless when you get bound in marriage?

Over expectations or possessiveness what are the factors killing those sweetened buttered promises?

An individual has the rights to live according to his or her wish. The freedom is all they need to live.

Why do they have to show the love for each other by choking them?

The pet doggy roams around the house free. Whereas the humans inside the house are tied up by an invisible chain.

Respect and trust is all you need. Shower your love without expecting any returns.

Just love , smile , listen, forgive ,forget and just let it go…….

Don’t let me go……

I don’t love you anymore. Wish i could run away from you. Your scoldings and warnings irritates me . Wish i could grow up and show how able I was.

Here I lay away from you, Grown up to the fullest ……

Now I want you , want to be with you, need to hear all those scoldings and warnings,need to hug you, want to sleep with you,feel your sweet smell and the warmth of your body.

Oh mama how I want to come back to you. As the little girl I used to be…. Running around the house, playing in the sun and mud all day. Want to hide behind your saree.

Gone are those days of childhood where I lived each day happily and merrily goofing around.

Wish there was some gadgets which could take me to my childhood. Go back and live again. So much to be erased. Many decisions to be taken wisely. So many moments to be lived again.

Wish I could pause that moment where I felt this was the happiest day of my life, and never want the tick tock machine to strike again.

Oh Mama want to come back home to you and to my room which witnessed my laughs and tears. The safest place in this universe.

I promise mama I will not grumble and will obey whatever you say. Will hold your hand and walk with you wherever you ask me to go. Will let you make my braids. Will never complain.

Don’t let me go out of this gate. Hold me tight. Don’t let me go………….